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  1. rj says:
    t̲̥̯̠̙h̞̟̟͚̮͓is͎͇ ̙̭̟w̸̬a͏͕̱͈s̫̟ ̗̜̣n̹͚̠̰͜ͅee̮͈d̻͎͔̞́ͅe̯̗̺̰̮͢ḏ͚̩
  2. Shake shake shake

    Shake shake shake

    Shake your data

    shake your data

    (I'm too much of a noob to make my text go crazy so I did the next best thing, a stupid reference to a song.)

  3. pagrus says:

    Wait so I just stick stuff in a

    shudder div

    ? Huh ok

  4. Troll McTrollface says:

    Let's get ready to:


    Also, Twitter sucks and I've never understood the attraction.

  5. MattyJ says:

    I miss <blink>.

  6. bobstreo says:

    Dude, what did I ever do to you to make you suggest I join twitter?

  7. tfb says:

    Herp derp is partially broken by this. I'm very upset that I now have to read the text in some of the comments.

  8. margaret says:

    It seems that rumble-shudder should incorporate vibrate too.

  9. Falken says:

    How is everyone in the comments making the words do cool things?
    Also i know it sounds lame but jwz im a big fan.
    2 months ago i didnt know anything about programming. Now im reading a lot.
    And youre basically one of my heroes

    • Joe Luser says:

      "view source" is the key to your lucrative and exciting career in html programming

  10. scratskinner says:

    As this is very tangentially jwz-related, this seemed like the least inappropriate active space to put this.

    posting here cause

    a) jwz has quoted Jason Scott approvingly in the past
    b) is annoyed when living net history goes dead (that one comic )
    c) may be able to tell what's going on (whether malicious or not)

    also d) more than one person can verify whether it's just me or not.


    Is anyone else getting 404s when trying to navigate past the front page of like that front page is a facade hiding that everything's been gutted.

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