Cathode Ray Fairy

Of course, "O'Blivion" was not the name I was born with. That's my television name. Soon, all of us will have special names -- names designed to cause the cathode ray tube to resonate.
This is the hero we deserve.

Henrico County, Va. -- Nearly a year after a Glen Allen neighborhood woke up to find dozens of vintage box television sets sitting on their front porches, the strange circumstance has happened again. [...]

Lt. Matt Pecka with Henrico Police said more than one person "wearing a mask resembling a television" dropped off the TVs to "the majority of homes throughout the community." [...] Henrico Police and Solid Waste Divisions worked together to remove the more than 50 TVs.

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  2. Christof says:

    Member of the royal family of the Robot Kingdom straight out of Saga.

  3. Rich says:

    a Toshiba FST Black Stripe television dated February 1986

    Obligatory ‘buried the lede’ retort about 1986 being vintage now and how now I feel old you inconsiderate bastards

    • Vintage means "from a (specific) time period" so it's a valid way to describe an "old" TV.

      Would you prefer they abuse the word "retro" like every kid on YouTube has?

  4. ennui says:

    Long Live the New Flesh!

  5. apm74 says:

    I still have one small tube TV in a closet, need a link so I can donate it to the TV Fairy.

  6. Vrogy says:

    Rydell had gotten the idea that these people figured video was the Lord's preferred means of communicating, the screen itself a kind of perpetually burning bush. "He's in the de-tails," Sublett had said once. "You gotta watch for Him close."

  7. rozzin says:

    I think the phrase is... "Cathode Ray Missionaries"?

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