Avoid Spikes

Day 107. Running low on fuses. At night, the spot killer comes.

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  1. Will says:

    These guys were at California Extreme, WG 6100 Deflection Board Repro, hoping this bears fruit.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah I saw that! It looks pretty sweet but it does not appear to be available yet, or even have an announced price.

      • Command Hat says:

        I looked through their website and found that there is an announced release date, as a comment on the WG6100 entry in their store.

        I would paste a link, but Android text editing seems to date back to the dinosaur age where copy-and-paste does not exist.

  2. Steve Allen says:

    This thread evokes recurring nightmares ... the Tempest cabinet in the student houses at Caltech had its ROM modified to say "AVOID UASHC" -- the undergraduate academic standards and honors committee who reviewed whether students should continue or leave.

  3. Doctor Memory says:

    Worth noting: the guy making the Tempest FPGA conversion kit has posted an update indicating progress toward actual buyability. (Although I'm guessing your problems are on the other end of the cable?)

  4. eerok says:

    They come at night; myoostly.

    I posted this in an earlier Tempest thread, but waaaay late.

    The best piece of bulletproofing kit for color vectors is the lv2000. I've had about a dozen of these infernal machines and it has made all the difference in the world.

    Good luck.

    • Derpatron9000 says:

      I don't have this cabinet, but the PDF linked on that page was interesting. Thanks

      • Zygo Blaxell says:

        Note: The resistor in the degaussing circuit may smoke for a second. This will not cause any harm to the degaussing circuit or other parts of the deflection board. If you become disturbed by the sight of a small puff of magic smoke, then you can plug the degaussing coil in at this time.

        Yep. Interesting.

        • jwz says:

          Relatedly, if anyone can find me a PTH451C 35@17 thermistor, I could have a working degauss circuit again. (Note that PTH451C is the form factor, the 35@17 is the important part.)

  5. T Hudson says:

    Which part of the cabinet is failing? If it is the low-voltage part, I'm redesigning my vector MAME interface board to be able to drive XY + RGB at -12 to +12V (currently it does XY + Z at 0-5V) to support the WG monitors. It seems to work with every vector game that MAME supports, in case you wanted to make a multi-cab out of it.

    If it is the high-voltage drivers, then that's outside my area of experience...

    • jwz says:

      That's awesome, but it's kind of the opposite of my problem: all of my woes are inside the WG6100.

      • T Hudson says:

        That's unfortunate since that is the hard part... I've mostly been using to Vectrex and oscilloscope displays since they are widely available and fairly inexpensive, although the smaller screens are no where near as fun as the big arcade tubes.

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