XScreenSaver 5.43

XScreenSaver 5.43 is out now, including iOS and Android.

  • New hacks, GravityWell and DeepStars.

  • GLPlanet now supports the Mercator projection, which is as horrible as it sounds.

  • BouncingCow now supports mathematically ideal cows: spherical, frictionless.

  • Foggy toasters (they fade in the distance now).

  • Unknown Pleasures can now use an image file as a clip mask, so you can simulate your favorite meme t-shirts.

  • WebCollage updates for recent search engine changes.

  • macOS: Fixed BSOD fonts on UWQHD+ displays, I think.

  • X11: Added some sample unlock dialog color schemes to the .ad file.

  • X11: On systemd 221+ systems, closing your laptop lid might actually lock your screen now, maybe. Thanks to Martin Lucina for doing the heavy lifting on this.

  • X11: Sonar can ping without being setuid by using setcap, which is kind of "setuid lite".
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10 Responses:

  1. tkl says:

    Shouldn't the gravity wells be hemispehrical at the bottom? Also, it would be nice if some of them were infinitely* deep, like black holes.

    * just off-screen-deep, probably.

  2. Joseph Shelby says:

    "closing your laptop lid might actually lock your screen now, maybe. "

    I can't remember where I read this from, probably a /. comment or a comment here, but someone once compared Linux power management to "having an epidural with a lawn dart."

    • Glaurung says:

      It was a comment on this blog, back in 2011, by Mike Hoye.


      I don't linux much, but I did mess with it a bit earlier this year, and it still appears to be true that you can't rely on it to automatically put your machine to sleep when you aren't using it.

      • Rich says:

        As a reluctant Windows user, this sounds awfully familiar, going back a couple of years to when I had to use Windows 7.

        Hilariously I also have Windows 10 on an elderly Mac that cannot be allowed to sleep, because even with the Bootcamp tools running in Win7 compat mode, it has no clue how to wake back up.

        Power management is something that was done very early and very right by Apple.

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