I was not aware that the nation had an exploding feral hog population

I haven't found any footage of the explosions, though. Do they detonate them off-site?

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  1. Marcus says:

    It is possible in Texas to kill hogs with a machine gun while riding in a helicopter. This is a packaged tour you can buy. You know, fun for the whole family, and all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO_oOmvNHiw

  2. dzm says:

    I live in pig country (interpret in all the ways possible).

    I'm not proud to admit that I really kinda want this.

  3. robert_ says:

    'Feral Hog' would make a good band name.

  4. asan102 says:

    I imagine something explode-y happens when one of the hogs almost manages to escape before that cage drops...

  5. Christof says:

    Meanwhile in my neck of the woods (literally):

    Boar wars: how wild hogs are trashing European cities

    They have become a menace in European cities. In Barcelona, where wild boar are jostling tourists and raiding rubbish bins, the fightback has begun.


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