Finally got my Emacs setup just how I like it

Now I just need a Mac IIcx to put it in and I'm good to go. Thanks, mly!

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  1. Emma says:

    I hope that'll be set up at DNA Pizza with an invitation to play "Global Thermonuclear War" on the monitor.

    • Bob says:

      I may still have a CX lying around, but it was running A/UX last I remember. It was a VERY long time ago.

  2. Injector says:

    Is that Weitek a math co-processor? I had a 486 with a Weitek socket, but never found the chip to put into it. I was heavy into POV-Ray at the time, and it had Weitek support. So I did look—as much as one could look in 1991.

    • Jon says:

      Google seems to suggest it's a Weitek 3164 FPU, so yes, although apparently not the same kind that could slot into x86 machines.

      I'd be surprised if a Symbolics Genera port of xscreensaver weren't in the near future, however, and the 'bubbles' hack does ray-tracing ...

      Maybe the compiler will use the Weitek for that ;)

      • jwz says:

        Ummm... XScreenSaver began with "I guess I need to port these LispM screen savers to C now." The changelog in QIX.LISP says I wrote that in 1987.

  3. James C. says:

    Congratulations on your new Lisp machine? MacIvory II, it looks like. The keyboard is ex-MIT too. Hope you find an Exploder some day too!

  4. Karl says:

    You can put those in quadras that aren't 840s; you don't have to go quite as retro as the cx (unless you want to, I'm not your sysadmin).

  5. Josh Dersch says:

    I'd suggest a Mac with more nubus slots -- a IIfx or a Quadra 950 would be optimal. The IIcx has only three slots -- you'll need two for the MacIvory plus the memory board, one for video (no onboard video with the IIcx, and you'll want more pixels than most onboard video can supply on other models), and one for ethernet.

    If you need any help getting things going, drop me a line...

  6. J. Peterson says:

    Awaiting screenshot of ctl-meta-super-hyper-shift-greek-x psychoanalyze pinhead

  7. tfb says:

    And now I am full of guilt about things I threw away. (But also full of relief: the D machines, at least, were quite definitely products of the fae, with all the risks that entails.)

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