Apple Pay is a dumpster fire

One of the things that is often on my mind is, "How do I make my ticket store a more effective Money Vacuum?" (Less self-aware people might prefer some horseshit euphemism like "removing friction from the transaction".)

So with the understanding that the best login system is the one to which you're already logged in, I thought, "Maybe I should support this Apple Pay and Google Pay nonsense." Let people check out with the card that's already loaded into their phone instead of making them type in the card number again, or create a new account on my site.


I've put about 16 hours into the Apple Pay side of this already, and I'm not sure I'm even halfway done.

Getting a credit card nonce from is like, 20 lines of code. Getting a nonce from Apple is hundreds, and takes multiple round-trips. Plus it requires managing a whole new set of certificates that expire once a year. I haven't even started on Android yet, but it looks to be equally complicated but of course in utterly different ways.

I think it might be time to just say "ha ha ha, no" and just delete all this code.


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Finally got my Emacs setup just how I like it

Now I just need a Mac IIcx to put it in and I'm good to go. Thanks, mly!

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I got to see a preview of this tonight, and it's really cool. You should go.

Inferno: Robotic Exoskeleton Performance

Participating audience members, clad in machine-powered wearable exoskeletons, will step on stage to perform for a show unlike any other. Each robot is designed to perform dynamic movements choreographed and activated by the artists, mobilizing the performers to dance in time to the dark, industrial techno soundtrack for the audience.

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