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XScreenSaver 5.43

XScreenSaver 5.43 is out now, including iOS and Android.

  • New hacks, GravityWell and DeepStars.

  • GLPlanet now supports the Mercator projection, which is as horrible as it sounds.

  • BouncingCow now supports mathematically ideal cows: spherical, frictionless.

  • Foggy toasters (they fade in the distance now).

  • Unknown Pleasures can now use an image file as a clip mask, so you can simulate your favorite meme t-shirts.

  • WebCollage updates for recent search engine changes.

  • macOS: Fixed BSOD fonts on UWQHD+ displays, I think.

  • X11: Added some sample unlock dialog color schemes to the .ad file.

  • X11: On systemd 221+ systems, closing your laptop lid might actually lock your screen now, maybe. Thanks to Martin Lucina for doing the heavy lifting on this.

  • X11: Sonar can ping without being setuid by using setcap, which is kind of "setuid lite".
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