SOMA Nature Walk: Meet The Roadpooper


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  1. Juttipat says:

    you really seem to like this machinery.

    Something to wonder:

    Asphalt Recycling :

    Meanwhile also bought out by John Deere....

    Hope, they get their software straight ;-))

  2. Pavel says:

    I hope this is the exact same recycled asphalt they removed.

  3. Jeff Bell says:

    The guy with the orange vest and white hat who feathers the edges of the pavement should be proud of how many bike accidents are avoided.

  4. Derpatron9000 says:

    Mad Max 5, the roadpooper.

  5. Nibby says:

    They tried hitching the road-gasm bot to the road-pooper bot, with mixed results.

  6. ssl-3 says:

    Came for the road poop, stayed for the soundtrack.

  7. thielges says:

    Fun fact - the ledge (a.k.a The screed) at the tail end of that yellow Cat spreader machine stays at a nice consistent hot temperature and makes a great place to reheat burritos for lunch. Wrapped in foil of course.

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