"Reap the fatuous whirlwind."

The best thing you will see today is the expression on Peter Saville's face in this photo, from this entertaining article on the memetic history of Unknown Pleasures:

"The group asked for it to [have a white background] and I just couldn't see it. I was afraid it might look a little cheap. I was convinced that it was just sexier in black. This is a radio energy from space. Space is black."

Recommended: Designed By Peter Saville, Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album, Koi Division.

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14 Responses:

  1. Waider says:

    "Meme expert"

    That is someone's official (?) title.

    Oh my.

  2. Will says:

    I've got the oven-gloves

    • japh says:

      "And I've got the suede donut... Wonder Twin powers, activate!"

    • Lloyd says:

      "Why is the oven so cold?
      Turned far down on your watch
      is your cooking that flawed
      our main course left so raw
      yet there's still this dessert
      that we can microwave...

      gloves, gloves will hold a pear tart, gloves will..."

    • John Styles says:

      Me too. How can the article possibly not mention Half Man Half Biscuit and the oven gloves?

  3. Brandon says:

    The RSS feed for this blog publishes <img;> links in the content, but if one consumes the feed through a service like theoldreader.com, the images are all subjected to the puerile off-host referrer hack. Working as intended?

    • jwz says:

      Six years later, and The Old Reader's design still makes their referers look like various hotlinking cesspools that I exclude for good reason. I don't care to spend my effort working around their problems for them. Use something better.

      • Brandon says:

        A blank or solid color image would suffice and would have the benefit of not affecting legitimate blog readers. At any rate, I wasn't noticing them before last week, so something changed somewhere.

  4. k3ninho says:

    The BBC's shrine to John Peel, a radio station called "6 Music," played out the album in full last week.

    bbc.co.uk link here (may not be available in your copyright licensing regime)


    • Nick Lamb says:

      Is that how I'm meant to understand 6 Music? I think for Peel it was sort of the whole point that his show was on Radio One, even if late at night. One was always the home of popular music, which means it's what kids listen to, and if you're only playing whatever crazy nonsense drops through Peel's front door to people who already know they want "alternative" music then it's never going to make a real difference.

      By being on Radio One, some random teenagers whose last album was a "Now That's What I Call Music" compilation are going to hear some Icelandic Reggae or whatever else Peel thought was good this week and actually broaden their horizons. A few of them might even decide they can surely do better than this and go start a band. The one thing you could always say about Peel's show was that it sounded nothing like what your parents listened to, whereas playing the whole of Unknown Pleasures is exactly what that sounds like.

  5. Richard says:

    40 years ago today, joydivision's Unknown Pleasures was released. Its cover featured signals from the first pulsar CP1919. To mark the anniversary, we made this observation of the pulsar earlier today pic.twitter.com/xQfyEm6lLf

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