Homeless Armada

Hoist The Black!

"Imagine this is the view from your backyard. Now imagine a homeless person crashing a boat into your deck & asking for a peanut butter sandwich! Neighbors in Belvedere say incidents like this are happening more often." [...]

Floating in Richardson Bay, the little body of water between Sausalito and Belvedere, are about 200 boats that serve as the homes for a community who call themselves Anchor-Outs -- the term for people who live rent free on boats they anchor off shore. [...]

In Belvedere, the median home value in is $3.5 million. [...] If the only repercussions they experience from two generations of rapaciousness are peanut butter pirates popping by their private docks, and a bit of unintentional damage to said dock, they are getting off extremely easy. If you're rich enough to have a private dock on the San Francisco Bay (really, imagine that), you should hire someone full time, with benefits and 401k, just to make PB&J sandwiches and hand them out all day long.

Because here's the thing, once poor people finally realize how rich the one percent really is, they wouldn't be able to build guillotines fast enough.

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5 Responses:

  1. Mike says:

    The anchor-outs were the subject of a recent Harper’s article and podcast. In the podcast, the author describes that the reason this community has boats at all is often because a boat’s previous owner pushes it into the bay instead of repairing, selling, or disposing of it properly. I guess if they cut something loose they consider it rude to have it come sailing back.

  2. Amy says:

    The Raft: The Early Years.

  3. 99%er says:

    Man, I don't care how rich the 1% is! They have a lot of money, fine! I know! I can see that! I get it! If I wanted to be an envy-crazed murderhobo and take their stuff I guess I would have done it already, don't you think? Stop trying to recruit me into your dumb self-serving crusade! If you don't want to give me a peanut butter sandwich either, at least be embarrassed enough to shut up about how great you are compared to those eeeeevil rich people whose old boats we live on for free. Thanks!

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