Hi, welcome to my TED talk

Last night we got the band back together and told some stories about Netscape. Give it a listen. It all starts at around 7:01:00.

Huge thanks to Lloyd and the Looker team for making this happen, everyone who told their stories, and everyone who came out. I had a great time!

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19 Responses:

  1. Evan Jones says:

    Quality JWZ Content around 7:08:00, paraphrased: "We find an image, click on it, wait a second because this is 1995, and suddenly full on porn image pops on the screen. I was expecting a flower. I was shocked. I didn't know what to do. I looked at Jamie, I looked at Terry, but Jamie just turned to me and said: We are going to be rich."

  2. jwz says:

    Periodic request to any Mozillians checking in:

    Did any of you save a pre-1998 copy of /m/src/CVSROOT? I didn't because it was "too big", and I've been kicking myself for that ever since.

    Check that box in your laundry room. It's probably in there.

  3. moof says:

    At GlobalCenter/GlobalCrossing back in the late 90s, our motto was "Ads, Warez, and Porn"; those three things have pretty consistently driven mass consumer tech adoption from the get-go.

  4. J. Peterson says:

    Is there a mirror for the audio? ("Error: Media URL could not be loaded") Archive.org?
    Could also be the corporate firewall I'm behind...

  5. rakaur says:

    I'd love to listen but your weird little player thing works not at all on my phone.

  6. tfb says:

    So, this is just whining. But I was going to listen to this, and it has a 'give us a donation' thing. Fine: you need the money, so select some suitable amount and ... log in or make an account, or perhaps I don't need to (but that's not really clear) and I could just fill in my credit card details ... which I don't know. Because there's no paypal, which I do know. Probably paypal is evil (I mean, obviously it is) but it would have meant you got money in this case (I still will, but I'm a bit drunk so I'll likely forget, so I won't probably).

    Like I said, whining. Sorry. Also someone will point out that there is a paypal link, which I just didn't see.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, fuck PayPal. Thank you for considering donating, but all you have to do is fill in your credit card and billing info. I would not have thought that would be a hardship here in This Modern World. We also have a Patreon.

      • tfb says:

        Perhaps everyone but me knows their credit card number, I don't know. I know the mail address Paypal knows and my password manager knows the other credentials.

        • you says:

          No, you're right.. most people likely do not have their credit card number memorised.

          But the thing about credit cards is that they come in the form of a card, from which you can read its number.

          You could even go one step further, and store that number in your trusted password manager.

  7. Andreas says:

    I guess this has now aged out (right when I managed to scrounge up some time to listen to it, boo). Will you make the audio available again, maybe for patreon supporters?