Advanced slit-scan

Baku Hashimoto:

Let's say there's a quite thick flipbook that all frames of a video are bound page by page. If you just rifle through it, the original video will be just played. Slit-scan intrinsically means slicing the flipbook diagonally. [...]

I think the name of "slit-scan" makes people confused. It's rather appropriate to call it "time displacement" just like the name of AE's effect because this technique actually means displacing a cross section of "world volume" (like a flipbook, it is an imaginary 3D cube consists of 2D image + 1D time) along with "time axis".

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  1. Seth Golub says:

    People sure have advanced the tools.

    My favorite slit-scan project is the Khronos Projector, by Alvaro Cassinelli.

    Here's a great round-up of other works along these lines.

    You people might also enjoy my own dorky little experiment, doing this very manually with a long exposure and a moving actual slit.

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