Advanced slit-scan

Baku Hashimoto:

Let's say there's a quite thick flipbook that all frames of a video are bound page by page. If you just rifle through it, the original video will be just played. Slit-scan intrinsically means slicing the flipbook diagonally. [...]

I think the name of "slit-scan" makes people confused. It's rather appropriate to call it "time displacement" just like the name of AE's effect because this technique actually means displacing a cross section of "world volume" (like a flipbook, it is an imaginary 3D cube consists of 2D image + 1D time) along with "time axis".

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Facebook refuses to delete fake Pelosi video spread by Trump supporters

2020 is going to be awesome.

Facebook says it will continue to host a video of Nancy Pelosi that has been edited to give the impression that the Democratic House Speaker is drunk or unwell, in the latest incident highlighting its struggle to deal with disinformation. [...]

Despite the apparently malicious intent of the video's creator, Facebook has said it will only downgrade its visibility in users' newsfeeds and attach a link to a third-party fact checking site pointing out that the clip is misleading. As a result, although it is less likely to be seen by accident, the doctored video will continue to rack up views. Facebook only took the action following inquiries from the Washington Post, which first reported the story. [...]

One version of the video, which remains live on a Facebook page entitled "Politics WatchDog", has been viewed millions of times, attracting comments speculating on Pelosi's health, supposed use of drugs, and other apparent ailments.

The viral success of the crudely produced video highlights the challenges in fighting online disinformation when individuals are willing to share material that backs their own political views, even when it is accompanied by warnings.

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