My Head Is Being Cleaned

MaxKriegerVG: "Let's explore the wild, weird artistry of VHS/DVD/CD cleaners"

As time went on, they got to be more visually elaborate, with CG animations and music/sfx. You have to admit, there's something kind of haunting but exciting about them, as if dangerous things you cannot comprehend are currently underway inside your VCR.

These are glorious, and I recommend that you press play on all of them at the same time, with sound.

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Google has deployed MTA-STS, and past experience suggests that this means, "Here's some totally useless new thing, but if you don't implement it, we're eventually going to stop accepting your email."

So can someone point me at simple instructions to make it go on my mail server? (Postfix 2.10, Centos 7, certs via Letsencrypt)

Or tell me that this is a thing that nobody will ever care about. That works for me too.

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