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Please enjoy jwz mixtape 205.

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SOMA Nature Walk: Roadmuncher Edition

Somehow I have never seen a roadmuncher in action before. It's a "Cold Milling Machine", and it heats and then scrapes off the asphalt. There's a big water tank inside for cooling that they filled up from a fire hydrant. Supposedly the asphalt is then melted and re-used.

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The Speakeasy is Closing

This is fucking tragic. Go see this show before it's gone. It is glorious.

The Speakeasy will finally close on Sunday, August 4, after a remarkable run of approximately 425 performances before an audience of more than 72,000 attendees. Conceived and created by Boxcar Artistic Director Nick A. Olivero, The Speakeasy recreates an authentic Prohibition-era nightclub, complete with disguised entrances, secret passageways and vaudeville cabaret. [...]

The Speakeasy's script ran to 1487 pages, with minute-by-minute precision required to coordinate scenes unfolding simultaneously in six different areas of the theater. Bucking trends for a night out on the town, The Speakeasy enforced a dress code for guests, offered period attire for rent, and required that mobile phones be turned off and stowed away inside the theater. After the first act, patrons were free to "choose their own adventure," freely exploring The Speakeasy's maze of rooms. [...]

"We face special challenges as an arts organization, but we also face all the same challenges that every small business in San Francisco has to deal with: the affordability crisis, the labor crisis and the effects of living in the 'shut-in economy'. We see vacant storefronts all over North Beach and throughout the city. More theaters are closing than new ones are opening. Hiring and retaining staff has become almost impossible."

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DNA Lounge: Wherein the 4AM bill staggers forward.

Scott Wiener's Latest 4 A.M. Last Call Bill Clears Senate, Heads To Assembly

Remember that bill to extend alcohol service hours in select California cities, once a dream of former State Senator Mark Leno, and more recently taken up multiple times by State Senator Scott Wiener? Well it's back alive, and there's a new governor in office who might not veto it.

Wiener's bill cleared the Senate with bipartisan support last year, only to get vetoed last September by Governor Jerry Brown. Not thought of as a conservative in any demonstrable ways, the elder statesman Brown sided with the CHP in the end, saying at the time, "California's laws regulating late night drinking have been on the books since 1913. I believe we have enough mischief from midnight to 2 without adding two more hours of mayhem."

I'll just cut-and-paste from my previous post on this from December, and update my timeline:

To be clear, this bill would not "make last call be 4AM" or even "make last call be 4AM in San Francisco". No, doing that would make San Francisco behave like world-class cities that value tourism. This bill isn't that.

This bill would allow SF the option of issuing additional permits -- expensive permits -- to a handful of venues, allowing those venues and only those venues to serve alcohol between the hours of 2AM and 4AM, as part of a 5-year-limited trial program, to begin "no earlier than Jan 1, 2022".

So it will be good for those businesses who get to be a part of that program -- and, assuming we haven't gone out of business by then, we're going to do our damnedest to be a part of that program -- but it's not really going to change the character of SF nightlife in any significant way. Almost all bars will still close at 2, and you still won't be able to get anywhere by public transit after midnight.

I mean, at this rate we might have a Central Subway or a Transit Center before you can legally have a drink at 3AM.

Here's a brief recap of this ongoing shitshow. I can't believe how long I've been blogging about this:


"Campaign security is a wood chipper for your hopes and dreams"

What I Learned Trying To Secure Congressional Campaigns

I traveled the country like Johnny Yubikey, distributing little blue security tokens from a sack. [...] I don't believe I accomplished much, but I made so many friends along the way! And I learned a lot about the idiosyncratic world of Congressional campaigns; knowledge that I want to now hand over to you, the next person willing to take a swing at this piñata of futility. [...]

Practical campaign security is a wood chipper for your hopes and dreams. It sits at the intersection of 19 kinds of status quo, each more odious than the last. You have to accept the fact that computers are broken, software is terrible, campaign finance is evil, the political parties are inept, the DCCC exists, politics is full of parasites, tech companies are run by arrogant man-children, and so on. [...]

Offering security training is like being a dentist offering a teeth cleaning. Everyone understands in the abstract that this is something they need. They feel guilty about putting it off. Maybe if you are really persuasive and can talk in scary terms about gum disease, they will agree to do it. But they will not enjoy it, and however much they promise, they are never going to floss. (Also in this analogy the dentist isn't a real dentist, but some guy who runs a bedbug website.)

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Hi, welcome to my TED talk

Last night we got the band back together and told some stories about Netscape. Give it a listen. It all starts at around 7:01:00.

Huge thanks to Lloyd and the Looker team for making this happen, everyone who told their stories, and everyone who came out. I had a great time!

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Javier Hernandez:

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A Full Life

A cheerful little story from Paolo Bacigalupi:

Most days, they'd perch atop the new Charles River levees and skip rocks across warm algae-choked waters, occasionally trading hits on Josh's asthma inhaler. Up in Canada, whole beetle-killed forests were burning, and the smoke kept blowing south. Burnt Canadians, they called it. They rated the Boston weather by how thick the Canadians were, and how many asthma hits they needed.

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Dot Amazon

ICANN, has approved of Amazon's proposal to run the top level domain name extension ".amazon" after a 7 year dispute with more than a half dozen countries.

The dispute was backed by the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO), a group promoting the development of the Amazon Basin. Its member states include Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela. [...]

Amazon had tried for years to get ACTO to drop their complaint. At one point, the company had even offered $5 million in gift cards to Brazil and Peru, the ACTO member states who originally filed the complaint, to no avail. [...]

When Amazon applied to run the ".amazon" domain extension, Brazil and Peru filed a formal complaint with ICANN. The complaint stated that giving Amazon the rights to the extension would "prevent use of this domain for purposes of public interest" and argued that ".amazon" should instead serve regions of the Amazon in South America.

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Advanced slit-scan

Baku Hashimoto:

Let's say there's a quite thick flipbook that all frames of a video are bound page by page. If you just rifle through it, the original video will be just played. Slit-scan intrinsically means slicing the flipbook diagonally. [...]

I think the name of "slit-scan" makes people confused. It's rather appropriate to call it "time displacement" just like the name of AE's effect because this technique actually means displacing a cross section of "world volume" (like a flipbook, it is an imaginary 3D cube consists of 2D image + 1D time) along with "time axis".

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