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In this, The Year of Our Diplopoda, Two Thousand and Nineteen, I just noticed that the rules that govern mushroom growth in Millipede are literally Conway's Life.

The Archer looked out beyond the horizon. He knew only too well the revengeful signs of his father. "I beseech thee to turn back your rage from the netherworld and stop this onslaught." As if in laughing response, the ground below him began to tremble. And the day ended in utter darkness.

The sun rose upon the land in its usual manner. But the wains of the past night had produced a new, uncontrollable growth...a sudden nurturing of nature that caused everything except that which was human to grow to sizes beyond belief. [...]

The Archer realized that, even from the grave, the spirit of his father had commanded these creatures to act in unison against him...these same creatures whom he had loved so and had loved him. Saddened by true to his pledge, he took up his bow and arrow to defend his homeland from these aggressors. He would meet their challenge. With truth and goodness truly on his side, he would be victorious and restore the natural order and beauty of life to the kingdom.

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8 Responses:

  1. John says:

    Literally Conway's Life? What's that mushroom with one neighbor doing still alive then?

  2. jwz says:

    Looks like DDT counts as "cell is occupied". Also, mushroom growth is a distinct phase, it doesn't happen continuously.

  3. Cat Mara says:

    Back when I had a Twitter account, Dona Bailey liked one of my tweets once. That's all I wanted to say.

  4. Lloyd says:

    where's the blockquote from? can't see a link.

    Also, Millipede? The game variously known as Centipede, or something else?

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