Glenn Greenwald Taking Assange Arrest Really Hard, Y'all, Bless His Heart


Briefly, before we move on, a note. We get that many of our readers think well of Assange, and Greenwald, and Edward Snowden, and we understand that! It does not make you a bad person. But if you've got an hour, well, here's why you're wrong. It's not because the three are Ron Paul weirdo libertarian racists; that just means they should shut up about being more progressive than other people who are actually progressive. It's not because they're BIASSSSSSS. Wonkette is a practitioner of BIASSSSSS journalism its own self, because that is how the Founders intended. It's mostly because ... well, it's mostly because they really really really seem to be working on behalf of Russia, yeah we fucking said it, because they hated Obama and Hillary Clinton THAT MUCH. And hacking for Russia really ISN'T journalism, even if Glenn Greenwald is caterwauling NO HACKING NO HACKING YOU ARE THE HACKING.

Now let's continue!

Quick, know how many tweets Greenwald has sent since Julian Assange was arrested? TRICK QUESTION, because the asshole has been tweeting in such a rapid-fire manner over the past 24 some-odd hours that it's impossible for scientists to get a full and accurate count. And as you might expect, he is MAD. He's almost as mad about this particular violation of the sacred right of journalists (using the term loosely) to publish information in the public interest as he's been at Republican Attorney General Bill Barr for hiding the Mueller report from Congress and the American people! HAHA WE KID, Glenn has been totally fine with Barr's cover-up. It's almost as if he has one standard for alleged criminals he really loves and adores, like Julian Assange, and a whole different standard for those he deems DEEP STATE RUSSIAGATE FAKE COLLUSION WITCH HOAXERS.

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5 Responses:

  1. Joshuag says:

    Glenn Greenwald is the best kind of mark who, so enamored of his own intellect, will gleefully be manipulated into doing the bidding of anyone who plays along with his central conceit; it leaves him uniquely vulnerable to the dumb and venal.

  2. jwz says:

    1: You may notice there aren't many comments here. That's because with some posts -- like this one -- I just delete the drive-by posts from people who have never commented here before, but are suddenly so mad. There have been dozens. Buh bye.

    2: Violet's Assange round-up is pretty great.

  3. Michael V. says:

    Once upon a time, I was a big fan of Glenn. Bought a couple of his books, even. Holy crap, did he run off the rails...

  4. tfb says:

    I really can't work out what to make of the whole Assange/Wikileaks/Greenwald/Intercept thing. I want to be on their side. But Assange has some kind of pretty serious personality disorder which puts me off, the whole Russia thing (which I can't even work out if it's real but it probably is, right?) fills me with loathing, and at some point I got so fed up with the Intercept that I stopped reading it and drank for long enough that I can no longer remember why, but it must have been bad (climate denialism? I don't know, I don't want to know).

    I sometimes wonder if the real aim is to get everyone into a place where so many people who should have been on the side of the angels turn out to not have been on anyone's side but their own that they trust no-one and so are willing to trust anyone even slightly plausible. I'm waiting for the slightly plausible person to turn up.

  5. Leonardo Herrera says:

    But... I like the kid that played Snowden.

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