Brand Necrophilia, part 7

Today I learned that Netscape is owned by Facebook.

AOL renamed the Netscape Communications Corporation to New Aurora Corporation, and transferred the Netscape brand to themselves. AOL sold the former Netscape company, now known as New Aurora Corporation, to Microsoft, who in turn sold them again to Facebook. The former Netscape company is currently a non-operating subsidiary of Facebook, still known as New Aurora Corporation. The Netscape brand remained with AOL.

That makes Facebook the current owner of the cookie patent, so I was hoping that this meant that they are now embroiled in the Forever War with ValueClick, but I now see that it was settled in 2010. Bummer!

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4 Responses:

  1. Penguin Pete says:

    Haven't you let go of Netscape yet? You've gone on to so many better things than they have.

  2. If "New Aurora Corporation" doesn't own the Netscape brand, and the corporation is non-operating, what does it actually mean that Facebook "owns" it? What is left?

  3. Dani says:

    Hi Jamie, I'm curious to know your opinion on the fact that Ms.Edge is now a rebranded version of Chrome. Do you think that Google is becoming the new Microsoft? I woule be nice if you wrote a blog post about the (awful?) state of the Internets nowadays. Thanks!

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