Agent Grey, FBI

My friends call me Schwa.

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  1. Mark Meckes says:

    You have a disturbingly pink tongue.

  2. Kyzer says:

    I too enjoyed Bill Barker's books.

  3. tfb says:

    I realise everyone else must know this but I've only just realised that the standard grey isn't anatomically plausible for the same reason that anime characters aren' (and much the same reason that makes owls as dumb as they are): with eyes that big there's no room for a brain.

    • Rusty says:

      You are missing an important bit.
      Eyes support a large amount of neurons. And there is a non-trivial amount of processing preformed by these neurons.(motion detection, temporal correction etc)

      So animals with huge eyes (cats, owls, jumping spiders, and apparently anime girls) quite literally think with their eyes.

      Which I guess brings us right around back to the point you just made. This explains why they are such morons outside of their specialization as sight hunters.

    • Pavel says:

      Annoying nerd opinion: we don't know enough about grey anatomy to really tell. The eyes don't really look spherical anyway, so we don't know how far into the skull they go, and we don't know how their brain is laid out in there - and that's assuming that it's even in their skull.

      • tfb says:

        Those are good points.

        I think there are fairly compelling physical arguments why eyes need to be approximately spherical though: you need to pivot them unless you only want to see straight ahead. However owls do do the non-spherical eye thing: their eyes are approximately cylindrical (so they've pruned off the part not optically important at the cost of not being able to steer the eye much) and the compensate by having heads that can rotate in amazing ways.

        I think brains really need to be close to major sense organs or you end up with problems with cabling.

        Of course, all of this assumes greys are like animals we know as you say. And that they're not just made up.

        • Pavel says:

          Their eyes could work like insect eyes; or maybe at this point, they ritualistically replace their eyes with a technological replacement. Or maybe those aren't even eyes; maybe they're sonar/radar emitters and receptors, like bats or the Kdatlyno.

          And I dunno about cabling issues; our vagus nerve loops down into our throat for some reason, seemingly causing giraffes no particular problems. (Then again, giraffes aren't building factories, or flying around and probing people, so who's to tell?)

          And that they're not just made up.

          Sir, we're trying to have a civil discussion here. Let's not bring any crackpot theories into this.

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