A Bill Decriminalizing Teen Sexting Passes the House, Causing Republican to Scream About Anal Sex on the Floor

"The moment Rep. Klippert screams the word 'anal' in the exact tone of a man about to, uh, relieve himself."

"Mr. Speaker, I request permission to read the definition of sadism," Klippert said, apparently unaware of the permission-seeking trope popular among subs and doms. "Please continue," the speaker said, offering Klippert the release he was seeking.

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  1. Jan! says:

    I’m not a native speaker, but I’m pretty sure the first syllable in “sadism” is not pronounced like in “sad”. It pæns me to sæ it, but that was a seɪd displæ.

    • Doodpants says:

      If you're right, then the pun "the Happiest Sadist" from the book A Wrinkle in Time does not work.

      • Jan! says:

        Whodathunkit: turns out there are people who pronounce it like that. Oddly enough, Wiktionary (I know, I know) mentions only “saydism”, not “saddism”, but does suggest both the “saydist” and “saddist” pronunciations. Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster do the same for “sadist” and “sadism”.

        TIL (pronounced “Tea Ill”, obviously).

        • Leonardo Herrera says:

          The word comes from "Marquis de Sade". I think Sade is pronounced "sa-ad".

          • Jan! says:

            Yeah, I know the French origin and pronunciation (pretty much the same as in Dutch), but I had only heard it pronounced as rhyming with “fade-ism” in English. My bad.

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