Apache 2.4.1 killed fail2ban, so that's awesome

They downgraded 404 errors from "error" to "info" meaning they no longer show up in your error_log unless you crank up LogLevel to "useless firehose".

This means that all of my nice fail2ban honeypot rules that blackhole your IP address if you probe /phpMyAdmin/ and stuff like that no longer trigger.


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An "Alternative" Captain Marvel Soundtrack

I am 100% there for this bikeshedding of the Captain Marvel soundtrack. It's like reading Phonogram backmatter. My primary complaint with the movie was that Just a Girl was entirely too on-the-nose, so yes, all of this.

"And granted, Kevin Feige might not be so enthusiastic about ending a blockbuster superhero movie with the words 'Lick my legs, I'm on fire' ringing in the audiences collective ears, but he's just wrong."

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Today in Clown Computing: MySpace

MySpace lost all music uploaded from 2003 to 2015

About a year ago, all music on MySpace from 2015 and older stopped working. At first MySpace said they were working on the issue, but they eventually admitted they lost all the data (and apparently didn't have backups?). See this thread for more details.

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