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  1. Andrew Klossner says:

    About ten seconds after clicking play, a broken-image icon appears in the middle of the video. It's a link to a long URL at googleads.g.doubleclick.net. Clicking it takes me to a skanky page pushing an "Official Ad Remover". I tried it three times; it's the same skanky page each time. Weird. The other video embeds (like the previous one by Prodigy) don't do this.

    • erlogan says:

      As a contrasting datapoint, I did not have this problem.

      • dzm says:

        Further data point: I run a crap-ton of ad blockers. Lately I've noticed that many, many embedded YouTube videos throw a "video not available" error (including this one). I have to click through to the actual YouTube site to watch them.

        I just put this down as "inconvenience I bring onto myself."

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