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  1. Monkey Mind says:

    :( Keith Flint is no more

  2. phuzz says:

    I always just assumed he'd take after Keith Richards

  3. Nick Lamb says:

    Interesting choice. The Prodigy (well, Liam who is basically "The Prodigy" in the same way Trent is "Nine Inch Nails") disavowed Baby's Got A Temper because you know, Rohypnol. Like, illegal drugs is one thing apparently, binge drinking, general violence and so on, all on message, but a date rape drug was too far. Which I suspect is taking dance music lyrics way too seriously.

    It's a good video though.

  4. tfb says:

    It makes me slightly ashamed that it took Keith Flint dying to remind me how great The Prodigy once were (and perhaps were until at least recently, I don't know).

    And let's not have the 'it was all Liam Howlett' thing: Keith Flint's performances were just fucking astonishing to watch, they would not have been the same without that. It's enough to be 'just a performer' if you're that good at it.

    • thielges says:

      Elvis was also “just a performer” though that never interfered with his adoration.

  5. Dan mcanulty says:

    Man, I really admire just about every creative choice they made in this video.

  6. Jonny says:

    This is depressing. I was actually going to see Prodigy in a couple of months at a festival. I had been intentionally NOT catching up on Prodigy's new stuff or listening to their old stuff so that I could come to it with a fresh ear. Prodigy was one of my first "favorite" bands growing up. Prodigy was in the background in enough of my formative years that it triggers something deeply nostalgic in me. I never got to see them live.

    50 something is way too young.