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Dear Lazyweb, tell me who inside of Oath / Verizon has the ability to edit the DNS records of the "" domain. Or, preferably, just transfer the domain to me.

Longer version:

For eleven years now, I've been keeping the historical web sites alive, because those host names were hardcoded into the UI of the first few releases of Netscape, and the browser doesn't function properly if and don't exist. (And they also have to each be hosted on dedicated IP addresses, since the primordial browsers didn't send a Host: header.)

AOL controls the domain names, which I think means that Oath / Yahoo controls them now?

Since 2008, the DNS records for and have pointed at IP addresses that I control. But that web host is shutting down, and my new hosting of course has different IP space.

In order of preference, I would like:

  1. Just transfer the domain to me. I'm only ever going to use it to keep the historical web sites up, not for profit, and I'll happily sign something to that effect. In the past they've been unwilling to do that.

  2. Transfer the domain to Internet Archive. If donating it to a 501(c)(3) makes this more palatable, we can arrange that. Maybe you get a deduction.

  3. Sell it to me. I'll do a Kickstarter or something to pay for it. Give me a number. (Back in 2008 apparently Time-Warner believed "four letter domains are worth > $100k", even though they were clearly never going to monetize this one. Perhaps saner heads will prevail?)

  4. Update the DNS records to point to my new IPs. The table should look like this, probably. I hope the DNS clients on 1994-vintage operating systems followed multiple CNAME hops instead of requiring direct A records. I think so?

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Harcourt Fenton Mudd, Venture Capitalist

Wow, Kirk really understands "entrepreneurs" --

But then Mudd starts singing his "Join Us Now and Share the Fembots" song --

Pick a team, you goddamned circus-hipster.

So, "I, Mudd" is about dangling the temptations of a post-scarcity society in front of members of a post-scarcity society. And there was talk of Mudd not paying the Vulcans for licenses on their patents. Patents!

I have so many questions for Starfleet Legal.

(And that's even before I start pointing at the chart on my wall and screaming about transporters and replicators.)

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