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Liverpool Travelodge wrecked by digger driver on day construction completed in 'row over unpaid wages'

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4 Responses:

  1. Waider says:

    That story meshes your love of a good killdozer piece with a peculiar trend on BBC and, I presume, other English news outlets for reporting incidences of “vehicle enters building unexpectedly” that kicked off a few years back. In addition to this one, bbc also carried a story yesterday about a car crashing into a child’s bedroom.

    I can only assume these stories trigger some minuscule bump in readership that The All-Devouring Algorithms wish to amplify.

  2. John Styles says:

    "Travelodge digger rampage driver 'DID get paid but didn’t check bank account"

    • Leonardo Herrera says:

      That makes this so much funnier.

    • Kitty says:

      Not to piss in your chips but a) the account that the driver had been paid is disputed by the guy's family & b) the man in question was effectively homeless and was crashing on friends sofas. Mental health problems in low or unskilled construction, with extremely shitty conditions are rampant.

      $800 may not sound like a lot to you, but to someone who is vulnerably housed and close to homeless, this is a huge deal. Laughing at people when they are getting fucked out of badly-needed money they're owed by corporations is a grade-A fucking dick move.

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