My friends: ...um?
Me: So this is 2019.

Me, 12:15am as someone stumblecrashes past me: "The time is now officially Shitshow O'Clock."
Non-industry friend: "Oh, do you want to leave?"
Industry friend: "You merely adopted the shitshow. We were born in it, molded by it."

Me, 2:45am, as DJ whom I'm not empowered to fire plays "Cotton Pickin' Joe": "THE NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES HAVE BEEN SET TO 0000 SINCE 1970. DO IT NOW. BURN IT ALL. CLEANSE THE WORLD WITH NEUTRONS."

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  1. Dave Polaschek says:

    May the Blessings of the Bomb Almighty, and the Fellowship of the Holy Fallout, descend upon us all. This day and forever more.

    Congregation: [singing] Amen!


  2. Phol says:

    Isn’t playing that song in public a capital offense?

    I presume this fine fellow is now on your extensive “DJ Shitlist.”

    • Billy says:

      A DJ who plays that song should probably be renamed "DJ Shitlist".

    • jwz says:

      One of the horrible things about actually caring about music is that so many peoples' taste is in their ass, including people I have to work with.

      Corollary being that if all the musical selections were up to me, we'd have been closed a long time ago.

      However, I woke up angry because of that fucking song. I hate it so much. And not only because it's just an objectively terrible song, but because I still work with people who think "isn't that precious and funny" or something.

      Songs that stultifyingly offensive make me reconsider why I actually like music in the first place. It is like a negative energy that drives all the good out of the world.

      • Phol says:

        Yeah, I was sorry to see that 2018 was so bad that you just gave up the music roundup. Almost all new music I have discovered in the past few years has come from the jwz mixtapes, so I appreciate your dedication to promoting what you like.

        So, I appreciate all of the work you put into the bog. It's one of the few web publications that I have read consistently since the about:jwz days.

        Most recently, I use your "Landfill Capitalism" series to focus people on the horror of dockless scooters and bikes. It's almost to the point where that topic needs its own tag.

    • Under no circumstances do I think it's my business to correct anybody here, but upon first read, I thought I'd read Cotton Eye Joe (by the ever so tastefully named Rednex; not to be confused with Cotten-Eyed Joe, a "traditional" "folk" song, although I guess the former is loosely a cover of the latter). It wasn't until I was passing a link to this post to a friend that I noted that jwz actually wrote "Cotton Pickin' Joe" which… is that also a thing?

      I mean there's this, which is pretty funny, but seems less likely to have raised our host's ire, let alone be something a modern, presumably white, male "turntablist" would have decided to mix in at 02:45 local of a NYE party.

      • jwz says:

        Whatever. Fuck that song in all its variants, and fuck all the DJs who choose to play mash-ups that include it every god damned Saturday.

        • I agree with all of that.

          I think that I understand the reasons you are, generally and by choice, "not empowered to fire" jerkwad DJs in your club.

          I think it'd be really neat if you didn't have to put up with hearing that racist bullshit in your house. I think maybe your customers are the right people to tell the DJs booked in your house to stop being racist assholes. (I would, if I were there, but I'm way over here in US Eastern time.)

        • Leonardo Herrera says:

          I lost it at "we were singing songs and shit."

  3. Ridley Kemp says:

    Doubleplus points the Phonogram image. Everyone rightly loves WicDiv, but Phonogram is all

    • jwz says:

      Phonogram is the greatest. It captures obsession with music so perfectly.

      I couldn't really get into the WicDiv story.

      • dan mcanulty says:

        I was wondering what that was, ordering a copy now. Also, dammit, those rednex songs are bringing back some bad musical memories. At least now I know the swedes were to blame, which makes so much more sense.