Minimum Functionality Dali Clock released from App Store Probation

After two weeks and a dozen messages with the Apple Sweatshop prisoners, I finally said "let me speak to your manager" enough times that they approved Dali Clock 2.44. This may be a "temporary" approval, so I'd download it now, if you have any interest in it.

This version displays properly when you rotate your phone, it being longstanding Apple policy that you must rewrite your mobile orientation code from scratch every 18 months.

Sphincter says what?

We have approved the current version of the app since you've advised that the current version on the App Store is experiencing a bug.

On the backend, we will be confirming with the App Review Board if this latest version of the app is in compliance with our current guidelines or if an update will need to be submitted for the app.

Once the App Review Board determination has been made, we will advise.

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15 Responses:

  1. snih says:

    When only seconds are displayed, rotation still seems to be buggy. How can I help? (iPhone SE with latest iOS.)

    • jwz says:

      Well, the source is there...

      But honestly, after the cavalcade of stupidity they just made me go through I probably won't bother trying to upload an iOS version ever again.

  2. Louis says:

    "You've advised", "We will advise". Such bullshit corporate-speak.

  3. thielges says:

    The “Minimum functionality” designation makes me laugh because that’s exactly why I like this app. I’ve got a folder called dada containing several minimum functionality apps that are great for some pointless play. Sometimes doing nothing is a great way to clear mental blockage.

    (Yeah, I know that’s not the literal definition of dada, but I like the tag)

    • BHN says:

      The dada that can be tied to a definition is not the true dada.

      $man dada
      dada has changed.

  4. Leonardo Herrera says:

    I tried to download it. Alas, my old-as-fuck iPhone won't run it.

    You, sir, are a tenacious crusader.

  5. Peanut says:

    I wonder what motivates you to go through all this App Store nonsense to publish an app without getting paid? You could still make it available for iPhone on Cydia at no cost.

  6. Lloyd says:

    Still runs on my iPad 2.
    Still not ISO 8601 compliant.
    Still not Y2K compliant.

    At this point, the copyright message should read 91-19 for consistency.

  7. jwz says:

    I guess this means they're not going to pull it?

    We are writing to let you know the results of your appeal for your app, iDaliClock.

    The App Review Board evaluated your app and determined that the original rejection feedback was not accurate.

    You may now consider the 4.2 rejection resolved.

  8. Lloyd says:

    DaliClock should have an internal license page where all the letters morph continually between Normal Caps and ALL CAPS. Should be easy to do given the rise in processor power. Giving Salvador license to use, explaining that portions of xscreensaver are included, where you can get support - its time has come.

  9. Zygo says:

    This is when you want an Apple logo, processed with the fire effect from xflame, that occasionally drifts through the space that handsy's live in. As the flaming-trash-logo drifts out of view, the hands make assorted gestures at it.

    That way, it's not just a bug fix, it's a whole new hack--thus crossing the 'minimum functionality' threshold.

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