Level Five Vegan Bunnies

Adorable snowshoe hares found to routinely feast on their own dead:

The University of Alberta study adds to a growing scientific realization that herbivores actually love meat, they're just bad at finding it.

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5 Responses:

  1. MattF says:

    So, in all likelihood, the only animals on Earth that subsist on a completely meatless diet are human vegans.

    • bobthebob says:

      It's even funnier than that. Vegan Jainists in the UK were getting badly sick from various nutritional deficiencies. After some investigation it was concluded they weren't having quite these problems in their Indian homelands on their traditional diets because their "vegan" food supply was polluted with enough insect matter and meat eating animal feces that it provided almost enough B12 and so-forth.

  2. walrus says:

    Ack. I used to stalk these bunnies around that campus when I lived across the street from where they kept the mainframe running MTS… No wonder pets in the neighborhood went missing… Come to think of it…while deer would frequently come up from the river valley (practically an urban forest) that the campus sat above, I never saw any coyotes on these 3am jaunts to collect printouts.

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