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Andy Ternay:

Pretty much says everything that needs to be said about Facebook.

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  1. AmidaBuddha says:


  2. robert_ says:

    But... but you've got to be nice to Nazis - then they will be swayed by the power of your argument.

    Remember: there's only one thing worse than fascism and that is incivility.

    • Monkey Mind says:

      Strew Roses in Their Path

      Do treat them gently, treat them nicely,
      Don't get them frightened, they're so frail!
      With waving palm fronds bow around them,
      Befitting their quaint, secret hearts.
      Call back your dog, should it bark at them
      Kiss the Faschists, wherever you meet them!

      And to their beer-hall agitation
      Say "aye and amen - please, oh yes!
      Have at me now - rip me to shreds!"
      When they club down people, praise the Lord.
      It is their vocation to kick and beat them!
      Kiss the Faschists, wherever you meet them!

      And when they gun you down: dear heavens,
      Do you really prize life that highly?
      What a pacifist fad that is!
      Who would not gladly be a victim?
      And though you feel it, up your belly,
      Hitler's dagger, to the hilt:
      Kiss the Fascists, wherever you meet them!

      Kurt Tucholsky, March 31, 1931

      (My amateur translation - German original)

  3. japh says:

    welcome to a world where every possible utterance falls afoul of someone's Code of Conduct... all we need now is a shoehorn, the kind with teeth...

    "Facebook has detected commentary critical of its products and services, a clear violation of our community CoC/ToS (or CoC-ToS); please select from the following options: [remediate] | [delete]."

    nota bene: CoC was once an acronym for a fine thrash band, Corrosion of Conformity (throws horns)...

  4. To quote a famous signature line, "What we need now are killfiles that really kill."

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