It consists of cubes connected in a three-dimensional structure. You can manipulate it to change shapes in different ways. It is made from a system of pieces that lock together.

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Lazyweb, what do you do when you need an enclosure for some random weird-shaped piece of electronics? I want to bolt this thing to the front of my payphone in some drink-proof way.

Please note, I do not own a machine shop or a 3d printer.

I suppose I could try to model a box for it and have that printed, but I think that Shapeways or something like that means a multi-week turnaround time at $30 a pop, which is a slow and expensive way to realize, "oops, it needed to be 1mm deeper". Also I've never modeled something for 3D printing before, and my understanding is that Sketchup, the program I know best, is terrible at it.

So what's the easy way?

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jwz mixtape 201

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 201.

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