They are Justified, and Ancient.

The People's Pyramid: The Toxteth Day Of The Dead

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu are building a pyramid.

The pyramid will be constructed of 34592 bricks.

Each brick in the pyramid will contain the ash of a dead person.

This process is called MuMufication.

  • The first MuMufied bricks of The People's Pyramid will be laid on its foundation stone, in Liverpool, on Toxteth Day Of The Dead, 2018.

  • Toxteth Day Of The Dead will take place on Friday 23 November, 2018, and will be marked on the same date, every year thereafter, in a variety of ways.

  • K2 Plant Hire Ltd's directors, Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, will mark the 2018 instalment by revealing an Unexpected Item in Toxteth Town Hall.
  • This Unexpected Item will be available for inspection by the public between the hours of noon and 9pm on Friday 23 November, 2018.

  • In order to gain entrance to Toxteth Town Hall during these hours, members of the public (see T&Cs*) must present security staff with one full sized supermarket shopping trolley. The shopping trolley is non-returnable.

  • November 23, 2018, is, coincidentally, Black Friday. Therefore K2 Plant Hire Ltd have come up with an attractive range of one-time offers for those wishing to obtain MuMufication.

  • Meanwhile, 399 living people will be enlisted on a journey to forge Toxteth Day Of The Dead traditions that will withstand the next thousand years. The 399 may be casual bystanders or they may have taken part in Welcome To The Dark Ages in August 2017.

  • Either way, they will be expected to report to the entrance of Toxteth Town Hall at 15:00 precisely on Friday 23 November.

  • There will be free tea and mince pies served at Toxteth Town Hall, which will last as long as we all shall live or until they run out. Whichever occurs first.

  • There may be other occurrences throughout the day and night.

  • TO AVOID CONFUSION: The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and The KLF are not the same thing. The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu have many responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is as undertakers.

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3 Responses:

  1. thielges says:

    Everything made sense up until that last point. The KLF and The Justified being distinct is about to make my head explode. I guess those mince pies do last forever.

  2. Summat says:

    I was going to comment on the absurdity, but then I remembered that I came to for absurdity. I was going to restrain myself from commenting, but then I remembered that I came to for absurdity. I think. Actually, I don't know why I come here. It's like a zombie wandering up to the monolith, in the middle of an empty city, and opening its mouth, and you expect flies, or maggots, or something, but there's nothing.

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