Data erasure method: Longbow

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  1. Andreas says:

    Nice. Better aim than these folks, for sure (they managed to shoot all the parts of the computer that didn't contain a hard drive):

  2. that guy says:

    Off-topic but timely, the perfect JWZ Thanksgiving dinner:

  3. "M" says:

    My brother tried this method years ago, but for disposing of an old monitor. The curved screen deflected the arrow directly into my parents bedroom window, which broke. The monitor was fine.

    • margaret says:

      did similar with a shotgun and 24" sun crts. we stood way too close. it was one of those experiences that provided wisdom but could have just as easily provided blindness.

  4. Tim says:

    I hope the arrowheads were magnetized.

  5. Glaurung says:

    Looks like two near misses to me - I would want to send an arrow right though the platters, just to be sure nobody was going to be spinning them up and reading the data off with an oscilloscope.

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