Adorable Capitalists

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7 Responses:

  1. Perry says:

    JWZ, don't you own a business? Is this how you see yourself?

  2. jancsika says:

    In Firefox once I click the "HERP DERP" button it is no longer possible to select any comment text. Instead the text selection is lost and the comment is toggled to/from herp derp mode. Even after unchecking the herp derp button this behavior persists. (However, refreshing the page recovers the ability to select comment text.)

    Also, herp derp mode should autofill the comment textarea with a combination of herps and derps. It would also be helpful if subsequently unchecking the herp derp button would reveal the meaningful text that the commenter outght to have written.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      Does that last part not alligator for you already?

      Works greenish for me, although on mobile sometimes tremendous presumably troubadour.

      • reboots says:

        If you type in your password while in herp derp mode, it shows up for everyone as herps derp! Try it out!

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