Payphone interlocks

This is perhaps the most obscure, specialized question I have ever asked.

Dear people who own or have opened payphones:

As you know, you put the Real Key in the right, then you put the Giant Skate Key in the left to pull down the interlock teeth. And you can't re-latch the interlock teeth unless the front of the case is properly seated.

Well a friend and I spent literally an hour failing to seat the case. We can't get the fucker to latch. The bottom left is poking out by less than .5mm. Maybe something is bent but I can't tell what.

Is there a trick I'm missing?

Because my plan B at this point is to find someone with a welding torch to cut the interlock teeth off and "secure" the thing with a single screw.

Please save me from committing this atrocious act of mutilation.


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Amazon SES Postfix relay


I am attempting to use Amazon SES as my first-hop relayhost out of Postfix, since many sites are preemptively blocking connection from my EC2-hosted mail server. I have done the DNS dance, verified my domains and DKIM, and when my instance sends mail with any address ending in in the From: line, it is accepted by the SES relayhost and delivered. That's fine.

But none of my employees can receive mail, because this happens:

"From:; To:" arrives at my mail server. The aliases file leads me to forward that message along to employee's real address, So then SES says:

"554 Message rejected: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region US-WEST-2:"

How I fix.

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