"Los Angeles Nazis. I hate these guys."

This really is the stupidest timeline. It's like they're not even trying any more.

Nazi Luftwaffe crashes on LA freeway:

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Terry Williams said the agency was "in the very early stages of the investigation and will have more information tomorrow." Officials identified the plane as a North American SNJ-5 (T-6), a trainer aircraft used by the U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Navy, Royal Air Force and others during World War II.

Chris Rushing, president of the nonprofit Condor Squadron, said the plane belongs to his organization. According to its website, the group was formed in 1965 to preserve World War II history.

"The pilot obviously had a catastrophic failure and had to put it down on the 101," Rushing said. "Thank God he's OK and no one got hurt on the ground." Rushing said the pilot, whom he identified as Rob Sandberg, was able to get out of his plane.

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  1. nzo says:

    America is the country that financed the Nazi party, you illiterate Americans!

  2. cdkr says:

    Why did they paint an Allied trainer in the livery of the WW2 era Luftwaffe??

    According to wikipedia the post-war Bundeswehr Luftwaffe actually did operate T-6s, but in a yellow colour scheme.

    This triggers my Anachronism!

    • Russ says:

      There wasn't really much of a priority put on saving the tattered remains of the Luftwaffe after WWII. Not only that, the remaining planes were pretty shit anyway as much of them were built with slave labor with low standards towards the end of the war. There really aren't that many German (or Japanese) WWII planes left.

  3. thielges says:

    Related: the Commemorative Air Force organization (which this pilot surely is familiar with) also flys vintage WWII aircraft was know up until recently as the Confederate Air Force.

    • Russ says:

      A Texas based organization decided in 2000 to change their name because "In many people's minds, the word 'confederacy' brings up the image of slavery and discrimination," said CAF chief of staff Ray Kinney. "We, in no way, are associated with that kind of stuff. So, it gives us, in a way, a black-eye."

      I really think that puts them pretty far ahead the rest of Texas at least. Only a fraction of their planes are in axis liveries and are sometimes used in films. Of course, the members that choose to own such planes and fly them for fun might well be racist pricks.

  4. kwk says:

    I like that "had to put 'er down" is also a thing in aviation.

    • Russ says:

      There's a video of the "landing". I don't know the conditions the pilot was operating under, but they took the "put 'er down" thing way too literally. Drove it into the freeway way too hard and had a massive bounce. It may be that there was some obstacle coming up and they could not afford to bleed off any more energy, but damn.

      • Nick Lamb says:

        Here's a guy whose real job was commercial jet pilot, putting an actual WW2 fighter plane down in a field, in England after its engine can't decide whether to run or not.


        He says the most important thing is to keep flying the aeroplane, all the way down, because until it stops if you're not flying it then it's doing whatever it wants, which might be going arse over tit and that's not necessarily survivable.

        One of the things he almost does wrong is being indecisive. The correct theory is, decide "Nope, I am landing in that field" and then do it, but he kept being thrown off by the engine cutting in and out and almost ends up trying to turn base for the runway you can see briefly in shot, which he wouldn't have made. This sort of indecisiveness causes lots of GA pilots to attempt an "Impossible turn" (engine out just after take-off causes attempted return to the runway they just took off from) and gets too many of them killed (hence the name).

  5. Kaleberg says:

    Hey, someone had to play Hitler in that Captain American USO show.

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