Hundreds of teeth found in wall

I'm pretty sure this is from the Henry Rollins story, "That time Ian MacKaye got us fired from our summer job as dental hygienists."

Workers were readying commercial space at the T.B. Converse Building, located on North Patterson Street in Downtown Valdosta, when they found an estimated 1,000 teeth buried in a second floor wall. [...]

Greensboro and Carrolton, two Georgia cities, both have had buildings where teeth have been found in the walls, Hill said. She said those buildings were former dental offices.

"I'm not sure if it was a common practice between dentists at that time, but it's very strange that there were two other people that said, 'Hey, we've had that happen, too,'" she said.

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  1. japhomatic says:

    My first thought was, "Er, either serial killers or dentists..." Possibly peanut M&Ms for the tooth faeries from Hellboy. Would still be fun to extract DNA from every tooth and determine the relative degrees of relationship, e.g. how many teeth came from the same individual (or their twin), how many from people in the same family, etc. Chart it all up with some nice colorful infographics and curate in a giant, cut-glass candy jar near the front door of the local museum...

    "There were worse things than crucifixion. There were teeth..." --Stephen King


  2. MetaRZA says:

    And they say you're hard to shop for.

  3. thielges says:

    Old fashioned medicine cabinets used to have a slot to dispose of old razors. The spent razors just accumulated in the wall below the cabinet. “Infinite “ capacity.

  4. Pavel says:

    And, as a follow-up:

    VALDOSTA — In the spirit of Halloween, teeth that were found in a Downtown Valdosta building wall Tuesday, Oct. 20, will be used in a First Friday giveaway.

    Construction workers found about 1,000 teeth in a second-floor wall of the T.B. Converse Building during renovations.

    A few of the teeth have been given to Valdosta Main Street, that is now using them to host a social media contest.

    Facebook users are asked to guess the correct amount of teeth in a jar and tag a friend in the comment section under the photo of the teeth. Search Valdosta Main Street on Facebook.

    “We’re not making fun, of course, of what happened; but, it’s just a little bit of fun right here at Halloween,” said Ellen Hill, Main Street director. “It was something interesting that was found in a building downtown, so it was perfect timing with Halloween right here this week.”

    The winner will be announced Friday and will receive $100 in Downtown Dollars to be used at participating merchants.

    I'm with Mark on this one; I'd rather have a jar of teeth than a hundred Itchy-and-Scratchyland Fun Bucks.

    • jwz says:

      See now I want to search for "human teeth" on eBay but I'm afraid I might be unable to avoid clicking buy.

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