Baphomet dons his fearsome "Copyright" aspect

Satanic Temple threatens legal action over statue in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

"The issue isn't the appropriation of Satanic religious symbols to portray beliefs and activities that bear no relation to what the practitioners of Satanism believe," Greaves tells SYFY WIRE in an email. "We don't own Satanism and we can only try to educate people as to what Satanism means to those who identify with it when we're countering irresponsible fictions that feed real-world moral panics.

"It's one thing that there's another ignorant television portrayal of a Satanic Panic-style Satanic cult that engages in cannibalism, but it is another thing that they've used our unique and copyrighted Baphomet monument as the central icon of that cult," he continued. "We spent a year and a half designing and financing our monument, which has become a central image of our own organization. To see it appropriated as 'the Sabrina monument' while associated with cannibalistic rites is unacceptable. We owe it to everybody who identifies with us to rectify this situation." [...]

Both the real-life and TV statue are clearly the offspring of illustrations and wood carvings that date back hundreds of years, but the resemblance between the two is remarkable. [...]

The Temple's statue was first commissioned in 2014 to protest the installation of a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol, with the reasoning being that if one religious icon could be displayed there, others could as well.

When the Commandments monument was removed, the nine-foot-tall, 2,000-pound, bronze Baphomet statue was completed and debuted at the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple a year later. It was parked outside the Arkansas state capitol earlier this year to protest another Ten Commandments monument.

It's a great show, though!

Update: Church of Satan notes, "That's not us, leave us out of it."

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A monkey walks into a bar...

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This is Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

We posed as 100 senators to run ads on Facebook. Facebook approved all of them.

One of Facebook's major efforts to add transparency to political advertisements is a required "Paid for by" disclosure at the top of each ad supposedly telling users who is paying for political ads that show up in their news feeds. [...]

VICE News applied to buy fake ads on behalf of all 100 sitting U.S. senators, including ads "Paid for by" by Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. Facebook's approvals were bipartisan: All 100 sailed through the system, indicating that just about anyone can buy an ad identified as "Paid for by" by a major U.S. politician.

What's more, all of these approvals were granted to be shared from pages for fake political groups such as "Cookies for Political Transparency" and "Ninja Turtles PAC." [...]

There was one "Paid for" disclosure that Facebook didn't approve in our latest test. They denied, just a couple minutes after we submitted it: Mark Zuckerberg.

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