Mark your calendars

Upcoming events of note:

Mon, Sep 03:   Let's Eat Grandma @ Rickshaw Stop
Tue, Sep 04:   Killing Joke @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Sep 07:   Holychild @ Popscene
Thu, Sep 13:   Classixx + Sumif @ Academy NightLife
Fri, Sep 14:   Turbo Drive: FM Attack & Dana Jean Phoenix @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Sep 21:   Lincoln Durham + Jill Tracy @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Sep 27:   Chemlab @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Sep 27:   The The @ Masonic
Fri, Sep 28:   Wax Idols @ Hemlock Tavern
Sat, Sep 29:   Ruby @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Sep 30:   Japanese Breakfast @ Great American Music Hall
Wed, Oct 03:   Shonen Knife @ Bottom of the Hill
Fri, Oct 05:   Gary Numan @ Bimbo's
Tue, Oct 09:   Dream Wife @ Cafe Du Nord
Sun, Oct 14:   Rachel Lark and the Damaged Goods @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Oct 23:   Joy Formidable @ Independent
Thu, Oct 25:   Rollins @ Herbst Theatre
Fri, Oct 26:   Messer Chups @ DNA Lounge
Mon, Nov 05:   Los Campesinos! @ August Hall
Tue, Nov 06:   Tokyo Police Club @ Bottom of the Hill
Wed, Nov 07:   Clan of Xymox @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Nov 16:   Turbo Drive: Nina, Parallels @ DNA Lounge

What have you got?

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7 Responses:

  1. phuzz says:

    If I didn't live on basically the other side of the world you'd get a lot of my money. That's a good line up right there.

  2. pagrus says:

    Oh cool, Messer Chups sounds like fun. Is that a KFJC thing?

    I also heard the Phantom Surfers are playing a 30th anniversary of something show but I have no details beyond that. Maybe I will go investigate

    • pagrus says:

      I guess I could have looked at their website since it is the first result when googling. No mention of 30 year anything, but there is a show in the east bay which I don't think you list?

      • jwz says:

        I don't intentionally omit East Bay shows, but I very rarely see shows over there except at Fox (and that's like a couple of times a year). Maybe this is because I don't hear about them, or maybe it's that there don't tend to be shows over there that I want to see. I dunno.

        • pagrus says:

          Sure, I only heard about this one because I happened to be listening to the radio when they announced it. I mean I hardly ever go out at all any more but even if I did there's plenty to do here without having to deal with BART or a bridge

  3. plums says:

    I don't know whether it interests you or the best place to go, but the movie "Mandy", by the director of Beyond the Black Rainbow, is briefly in theatres this week.