Dali Clock Emularity

I uploaded a Mac System 3 disk image to the Internet Archive, and so now you can run the original Mac 128k version of Dali Clock, emulated in Javascript in your browser.

Aaaaaand apparently the embed doesn't work in Safari, but does in Firefox and Chrome. Hooray.

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3 Responses:

  1. Bai Hui says:

    Sometimes it skips digits, it's buggy

    • ssl-3 says:

      Works for me.

      Perhaps you're not holding your teeth right.

    • Wout says:

      Works just fine on Chrome for Android.

      It's still hard for me to fully grasp that we used to have thousands of instructions per second and tens of thousands of bytes of storage, and now even phones have millions of times what we had.

      Emulating an entire computer seems like it should be so much more resource intensive than it turns it to be.

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