DNA Lounge: Wherein the 4AM thing has edged slightly closer to reality.

SB 905, the bill that would give San Francisco and several other cities the opportunity to allow some nightclubs to continue serving alcohol until 4AM made some real progress recently. It has made it through various committees and has now passed the State Senate with a vote of 28-8, and goes to the Governor to sign.

So that's great news! And we may be able to serve our first late-night drink as early as... 28 months from now. Yup, the bill has a hardcoded start date of "no earlier than Jan 1, 2021".

Funny story. We have a show coming up with Chemlab and C-Tec in a few weeks, and Barry was at the bank trying to send a wire transfer for their deposit to their management company. So he filled out the form,

    To: Cracknation
    Reason: Deposit for Chemlab

The teller said, "Um, we can't do that. Say something else unless you want us both to be investigated."

Oh, you bankers. No sense of whimsy.

I hope you'll be joining us tonight for Hubba Hubba Revue's Twelfth Anniversary! That's no small number of years.

And it's that time of month, the mixtape time of month. Here's mixtape 198. I hope you enjoy it. I try to remember to link to these when I make blog posts here, but mostly I only remember to do that about every tenth time. So if this is how you find out about them, there are probably a bunch you haven't seen!

And it's also that time of year -- the time of year when you, yes you, go find the person at your place of employment who is in charge of planning your company holiday party, and convince them that they want to rent out the stylish and well-appointed DNA Lounge for said festivities. Please. Please do it.


jwz mixtape 198

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 198.

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