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Facebook is pushing that "share a memory" junk where they make custom videos out of your old photos to boost engagement and I just literally got shown a bunch of happy cartoon characters dancing on my mom's grave. 🤦‍♂️

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  1. ZionLeaks says:

    Hmm. Apparently the meaning of the word "love" depends on context. Interesting. Clearly the solution is better artificial intelligence. And by artificial intelligence, I mean golem research. The clay is in our hands, and our ability to shape it is constantly increasing. Maybe the goys aren't dumb enough to carve the Name of G-d on their foreheads just because Zuck tells them too, yet, but surely it's only a matter of time. Would Name of G-d stickers work? It would only have to go viral once. Make a note to check with the Kabbalists on that. Wait, is this thing on?

  2. Not Frank says:

    The thing about Hanlon's Razor is that, at scale, it actually manages to in its weird way get crueler, as the scale of not-caring gets larger and larger. Given the algorithmic tone-deafness of their artificial stupidity, it'd be hard to make it intentionally worse, as a malicious setup would miss the same cues their apathetic one did.

    Related, for anyone who missed it nearly four years ago: FB's year in review focusing on the death from cancer of a man's daughter.

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