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  1. Nick Lamb says:

    The place I go to print things out (like an animal, etcetera) is also an Internet Café and PC repair place. It is in an unlabelled basement, down some steps, accessed via the car park behind an ageing apartment block. I have never seen anyone else there except the employees. I presume their main revenue comes from either the PC repair business (I can imagine word of mouth / referrals working for that) or some criminal enterprise I haven't been able to imagine. I once bought SATA cables from them for a whole pile of servers we were setting up, in that brief window between when SATA cables became a thing and nobody owning any servers because everything is in the Clown.

    This place looks cleaner though, which is suspicious.

  2. Derpatron9000 says:

    "Gramps, what was internet like before 'social media' made it really easy for idiots to ruin things for everyone?"

    • Untertainment says:

      Some people would say it was AOL. Some would say Mosaic. Perhaps it was electricity. Maybe the hole goes even deeper. Here lie mysteries, far away from the well-worn paths of adventure.

      • k3ninho says:

        Usenet considers that The Eternal September began in September 1993 and concerns the infestation arising from AOL floppies.

        H2G2 says "Many were increasingly of the opinion that they'd all made a big mistake coming down from the trees in the first place, and some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no-one should ever have left the oceans."

        I was eaten by a grue.


  3. Chad A says:

    That looks like the entrance to a homeless encampment where I live at.

  4. thielges says:

    Likely some large Indian city given that color of blue, the style of iron railing, lettering, and stone pavers. And the nature of the trash.

  5. Cat Mara says:

    Apt metaphor is apt

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