Fifty-Six Questions for Young MC

Fifty-Six Questions for Young MC Upon Hearing "Bust a Move" for the First Time in Twenty-Two Years

12. Thanks for the dollop of suicide prevention, but what is this celibate rope from which you caution against hanging ourselves?

20. In regard to the vignette where one of us fellas goes to a movie alone, sees a yellow-clad woman seated in the same row, and the yellow-clad woman says "come sit next to me you fine fellow" and then a move is prescribed to be busted, what should I take for the headache accrued from trying to absorb your weirdo nonsense word pile?

29. Is making a move different than busting one?

30. Are you aware of the concept of words having specific meanings?

32. When a girl on the beach "runs up with something to prove," does "bust a move" mean to run away and seek safety because that girl sounds dangerous because who does that?

40. By the time we get to the controversial Harry/Larry verse, have you given up on addressing "all the fellas" and zeroed in on one person (perhaps yourself) who is presented with these oddly specific uncomfortable scenarios?

50. When you wrote the line "reception's jumpin', faces pumpin'," were you just pretty much trying to get to the end of the song like I was?

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5 Responses:

  1. Injector says:

    I'm pretty sure the line is "bass is pumpin'", but kudos to them for deciphering the phrase, "celibate rope", that was a word pair my 1989 brain could never parse.

    I submit another question: Is that Flea?

    • MattyJ says:

      Yes. It very much is Flea.

    • z says:

      So, I was... um... young... when the song was popular. 12 years old or so? Anyway, one of my friends was convinced it was "celeby" rope and... that's not even a word! I showed him in the dictionary! No way to change his mind. I just googled it and celebi is apparently a pokemonster which I am now going to have to completely re-think my stance and what that verse was actually about.

  2. Cookie Wolf says:

    The whole Harry/Larry/best man triangle always mystified me as well...

  3. tobias says:

    if you have to ask then you don't "know how".

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