Cocktail Robotics: You're Doing It Wrong

Molotov Cocktail Vending Machine

The installation features a fully-functional molotov cocktail vending machine, full of converted Mezcal El Silencio bottles, customized with a limited edition, hand signed and numbered, spot-UV instructional art sticker, and custom "STEAL THE FIRE" bandana, each designed by artist Phil America and designer Dino Nama.

This series is limited to 200 bottles available online, and an extremely limited number of bottles available for $5 at the vending machine on Melrose Ave.

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4 Responses:

  1. Lloyd says:

    The product of the proletariat is potatoes. if it's not based on Russian potato-based vodka it's not being done properly.

  2. o.o says:

    This is an art object, not functional as a molotov cocktail.

    How very.

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