Long Bet 382 has concluded: "Large Hadron Collider will destroy Earth."

Detailed Terms:

Prediction is correct if Earth is, as a result of operation of the collider, annihilated, reduced to much smaller volume than previously, vaporized, broken into large pieces, converted into photons, neutrinos, or other radiation, converted into exotic matter, or just unable to support life. For the purpose of the bet, Earth should be considered "destroyed" if, at the end of the term of this bet in 2018, zero human beings reside on the surface of the planet. Damage caused by attack of hostile beings is included if it is a causal result of operation of the collider. Teleporting Earth to another location or alternate universe where it is still able to support life is specifically excluded. Bet is won if whatever scientific community remains at this time, whether human, machine, or extraterrestrial, acknowledges that the "destruction" of Earth most likely resulted from the Large Hadron Collider or a product thereof (e.g. strangelet, micro black hole, etc).

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2 Responses:

  1. I'm with the guys who say ten years is too short to know for sure. If a strangelet glob did show up, it could take quite a few years to grow big enough to be noticeable.

  2. Andrew.N says:

    Has anyone heard from Joe lately? His green-on-black jgk.org disappeared a few years ago.

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