As Authorized by The Telecommunication Breakdown Act of 1995

EBN Brooklyn set circa 1998: 1:02:00.

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  1. Has it already been 20 years of broadcast TV radiation LSD experiments? Huh.

  2. Pavel says:

    That's what I miss about my local bars in Austin. They'd be playing something like this on the TV on repeat, instead of sports.

  3. At about that time, the first AVID systems were showing up in our editing bays, but most of my work was still being done on SVHS editors and Video Toasters. I am unable to even fathom the work it took to emulate this stuff with that tech.

    The result is mostly silly, now, but I think Get Down might be my new favorite thing.

    • jwz says:

      They wrote their own software -- the EBN Video Sampler ran on Mac Quadras or something, System 7 and Quicktime. It was all hotkeys to select samples and trigger transitions. I can't believe it worked at all.

  4. god i miss those guys

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