"Amateurs study heists. Professionals study money laundering."

Dump 30,000 stolen credit card numbers into the hopper, untraceable cash comes out the other side.

Much of the system was automated, including the creation of Apple accounts. According to Diachenko, the scammers used jailbroken iPhones they managed with a tool to generate Apple accounts with predefined user data. He showed Motherboard a video the Facebook group promoted with a bank of iPhones on a rack, all running the automated software.

"With the account creation process automated, the malicious actors then took the process further, automatically changing cards until a valid one is found, automatically buying games and resources, automatically posting the games and resources for sale, working with a digital wallet for order processing, and managing multiple Apple devices to distribute the load," Kromtech's report said. "The end result: an automated money laundering tool for credit card thieves."

The impressive thing here is how little human interaction was needed at any stage of the process. Their scripting fu is strong.

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