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This week's n-gate:

  • A parasite compiles buzzwords into a Google Docs text file. In response, a Hackernews apostate suggests that perhaps building a lasting business at a sustainable pace is within the realm of possibility. The Hackernews Re-education Squad parachutes into the resulting panic to firmly explain that hockey-stick growth followed by acquisition or IPO is the only acceptable path forward, and that making a low-six-figure income in an affordable community is a dangerous myth. The real question is: during your normal, necessary, not-excessive twelve-hour work day, are you more productive before dawn or after dusk? [...]

  • An Internet has a hobby. Hackernews likes to watch. The hobby involves Lisp, whose evangelists are so ancient and terrifying that the Rust Evangelism Strike Force declares the entire comment thread a no-fly zone and produces new maps marking the area as lost territory, impenetrable to the faithful.

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  1. Amy says:

    Was it you that I first found out about that site from? Now I have to check it every week. Scarred for life. Damn you to hell! :D

  2. Edward says:

    Hello, GitHub

    June 04, 2018 (comments)

    Microsoft, responding to the tremendous outpouring of user feedback about their acquisition of Github, finds the perfect person to ensure that none of it is acted upon or even heard: a GNOME developer. The announcement is illustrated, for some reason, only with a 3-megapixel photograph nearly a megabyte in size. Hackernews decides that the future of Github is safe in the hands of this person, because some of them have seen that name somewhere on the internet once. The rest of the comments are copied and pasted from the previous day's thread.



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