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Uber just attracts the best.

St. Louis Uber driver has put video of hundreds of passengers online. Most have no idea.

Passengers have included children, drunk college students and unwitting public figures [...] First names, and occasionally full names, are revealed. Homes are shown. Passengers have thrown up, kissed, talked trash about relatives and friends and complained about their bosses in Gargac's truck.

All the while, an unseen online audience watches, evaluating women's bodies, judging parents and mocking conversations. [...]

He had gone over 30 minutes without passengers and his stream was losing viewers. "This better be (expletive) content, I swear to God. This better be (expletive) content, that's all I'm saying," Gargac says as the two women approach. "I mean, the blond girl looks kind of cute, if they're together. The blonde is cute. The one who ordered is not." [...]

Several passengers told the Post-Dispatch that after learning about Gargac's stream, they complained to Uber. The company gave them a $5 credit, and a promise that they would not be paired with Gargac as a driver.

Lyft and Uber initially released prepared responses to questions from the Post-Dispatch about the livestream, simply noting the practice is legal because in Missouri only one party to a conversation needs to consent to a recording. [...]

Gargac graduated from a police academy last year and is looking to be hired by a department. The Missouri Department of Public Safety confirmed that Gargac is a licensed peace officer in the state. [...]

At the end of a 90-minute in-person interview with the Post-Dispatch, Gargac asked that his full name not be published in connection with this story.

The Post-Dispatch already knew his name. He said it in one of his own videos, and his identity was later confirmed through public records and social media accounts. He gave a reporter his business card.

"Stick with my first name, if you can, because privacy concerns," he said. "You know, the internet is a crazy place."

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PNG antics

Hey gang, I wonder if the people who wrote your web browser are actually capable of following the PNG spec!

  • Safari 11.1.2: No! (static)
  • Firefox 51.0.1: No! (broken image)
  • MacOS 10.13.6 Preview: No! (solid blue)
  • Chrome 67.0.3396.99: Yes!
  • Opera 49:0: Yes!
  • Xee³ 3.5.3: Yes!
  • Safari, iOS 11.4.1: Yes!
  • Photoshop CS6: Yes!

The image is a ludicrous 111972px wide, but it has to be, because it's the debugging output histogram of a program that strips hours of silence out of a 6+ hour MP3 file, showing where silence was detected and deleted. It is large because the data has a largeness.

Update, 2023: I am shocked to report that as of macOS 13.2, Safari 16.3 and both display this image correctly! Firefox 104 displays it as solid black.

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